Jimmy Winters pens Newsday essay about recycling

Mar 17, 2022

Winters Bros. Waste Systems owner Jimmy Winters penned an essay in the March 17, 2022 edition of Newsday about what he sees as the necessary legislative steps to increase recycling on Long Island.

“The attempt to promote and instill more green-centric waste management and recycling programs is a communal effort that all New Yorkers must embrace. Residents, recyclers, waste collectors and product manufacturers all play a part in creating a better system to reduce and manage the 92 million pounds of waste that are produced in New York each and every day.


“New York State legislators are vital to the cause as they have the ability to enact policies and improve existing laws. Key policy changes can open new doors that will create a much-needed culture shift in the way we approach recycling and use recyclable materials across the state.”

In the piece, Winters covers five major categories when it comes to recycling – improving the “Bottle Bill,” stimulating recycling markets, closing the loop on waste diversion goals via utilization policies, examining extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies, and increasing the focus on zero waste policies.

As the leading voice in recycling on Long Island, Winters Bros. Waste Systems knows what it will take to make a meaningful difference. By investing in recycling and waste management infrastructure through projects like the Winters Rail Terminal, Long Island can properly address these issues and do its part to fight climate change.