We Believe in Environmental Justice

Oct 13, 2021

Winters Bros. is committed to engage with and support the communities in which we operate. We believe all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, income, national origin, or education level should have the right to participate in public decisions and actions which have an impact on their environment, communities and neighborhoods.

Winters Bros. stands firmly by the belief that fair and equal access to a safe and healthy environment is a basic human right. In accordance with this belief, the Winters Brothers seeks to address several existing environmental issues that directly impact the community with the construction of the Winters Rail Terminal. It is our sincere intent to maintain an open line of communication with the community throughout this process and take into consideration your thoughts on the project. In order to remain transparent and equitable, the Winters Brothers will integrate these core values which enable us to achieve our main goal of an environmentally efficient rail terminal that is beneficial for all.

To implement this policy, Winters Brothers works to:

  • Reduce and minimize emissions from our facilities and vehicles
  • Reduce potential impacts of our operations, taking into account cumulative impacts
  • Identify and invest in projects that are beneficial to the environments such as recycling facilities and rail transportation infrastructure
  • Create jobs to help the community and implement job hiring criteria which favors the hiring of people from the communities where our facilities are located
  • Engage with individuals and organizations in the communities in which we operate, or plan to operate, who are interested in our operations
  • Have open, two-way communication with communities on issues which may be of interest or concern to them, including environmental and quality of life issues in the community. Such communication shall include participation in meetings with community members and affected groups
  • Have an enhanced public participation strategy with communities on major projects and engage in substantive conversations with community members
  • Work diligently to respond to issues identified by communities in which we operate
  • Update this environmental justice policy to make us better communicators with all stakeholders