Gridlock Island

Jun 2, 2021

For years, the increase in traffic congestion has brought Long Island to a standstill, affording the region the nickname “Gridlock Island.” Cars and trucks jam the road. There is a better way to transport materials that reduces truck traffic and improves our overall environment: rail. 

The Winters Rail Terminal will reduce truck traffic and clean the air. This new infrastructure will have the added benefit of taking nearly 60,000 trucks off the road annually, helping to solve Long Island’s long-standing traffic issue. To learn more about how traffic has impacted the Long Island community, read the articles provided below.

NEWSDAY:  Traffic could get worse post-pandemic, experts say (April 7, 2021)

NEWSDAY:  Average LI driver spends 81 extra hours a year stuck in traffic, report says (September 25, 2020)