A Green Track to a Cleaner Long Island

Jun 2, 2021

With the impending closure of the Brookhaven Landfill in 2024, several plans have emerged touting they are the most efficient solution to managing society’s waste. One such project was the Brookhaven ashfill, which suggested incineration as the best means of handling the waste generated on Long Island. While the project was only meant to be a short-term solution for this long-standing issue, the Town of Brookhaven’s Ad-Hoc Committee for Solid Waste Disposal recommended against the creation of the landfill, citing cost and environmental concerns that would impact the community. 

We want to create a clear path forward to long-lasting solutions for Long Island. Equal parts environmentally friendly and financially feasible, the Winters Rail Terminal project will meet the waste management needs of the region and its customers, while remaining focused on providing the most environmentally conscious solution possible. To learn more about how the Town of Brookhaven came to a decision on the Brookhaven ashfill, read the articles provided below. 

 Long Island Advance: Brookhaven Town ashfill site not recommended – February 25, 2021

Newsday: Brookhaven ash plant to trash – February, 27, 2021

Press Release: Town of Brookhaven  Town will not pursue ashfill – March 14, 2021

Long Island Advance: Ashfill plan ditched over cost concerns – March 4, 2021

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