Winters Rail Newsletter #1: Get to Know Winters Bros.

Jan 13, 2021

The Solution to Long Island’s Waste Problem is on Track

Long Island is currently experiencing a waste crisis. The imminent closure of the Brookhaven Landfill in 2024 will displace more than 1,000,000 tons of waste each year.  Winters Bros. is creatively working to build the needed infrastructure to address the challenge.  A new rail terminal that includes a Solid Waste Rail Transfer Facility (SWRTF) will be located in Yaphank.  The Winters Bros Rail Terminal will solve the problems caused by the closure of the Brookhaven Landfill in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. 

The facility will process construction and demolition debris in addition to removing thousands of tons of waste from Long Island daily. The waste transfer station will achieve this goal by receiving and processing a projected 2,000 tons of C&D waste, municipal and recyclables to safely manage the waste society produces.

The Winters Rail Terminal Fulfills An Environmental Need

Winters Bros. Truck

There are several environmental advantages when making the switch to rail for transportation  given that rail is a more environmentally friendly  form of transportation when compared to more traditional options  such as trucking. The use of rail mitigates the number of annual truck trips exponentially which has the benefits of reducing both traffic  congestion as well as improving air quality.   In addition to the clean air benefits, Winters Bros. is committed to preserving green space.  Winters Bros. has placed more than 60 acres of the Yaphank property into a conservation easement to help keep Long Island green.

Staying On The Right Track

Winters Bros. Freight Train

It is the intent and goal of Brookhaven Rail LLC to remain as transparent as possible throughout the various steps needed to bring the Winters Rail Terminal project to fruition. Active community participation during this process is highly encouraged and desired. Winters Bros. values the opinions, perspectives and feedback of community members that the Solid Waste Rail Transfer Facility is designed to serve. Winters Bros. has been serving Long Island for generations and steadfastly believe that fair and equitable access to a clean environment is a basic human right.

Learn About The Winters Rail Terminal Project

Winters Bros. Freight Train on Tracks

Brookhaven Rail LLC, is the rail carrier developer of the proposed  Solid Waste Rail Transfer Facility (SWRTF) in Yaphank, NY.  The proposed Winters Rail Terminal will be located on a 228-acre parcel off Horseblock Road in Yaphank. In addition to a solid waste rail transfer facility, the , the rail terminal will also facilitate warehouse and distribution centers.  The implementation of this critical infrastructure will serve Long Island for the next 50 years.

Waste System is Long Island’s premier solid waste and recycling company. The company has proudly provided the local community a suite of services including solid waste and recycling solutions to commercial, residential, industrial and municipal customers.

Learn More About The Winters Rail Terminal 

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